Change Our World

Changing Our World for the better by uniting crypto humanitarians on Binance Smart Chain.

It's time for a change

We are going to $CHANGE our world. With your help, our community and partners can encourage positive action to benefit the lives of vulnerable communities and causes around the world.

By turning the concept of charity on its head, everyone can “make it.” Do great things, earn great rewards.

The $CHANGE token

$CHANGE is more than a token. $CHANGE is a movement. We are Changing Our World for the better by uniting a diverse community of experienced crypto humanitarians, do-good degens, and blockchain beginners on the Binance Smart Chain.

Our token address: 0x6E1b4BA8F5bE7708cD475795FC23924eD078A8d2

Buy on PancakeSwap

1,000,000,000,000,000 $CHANGE

Initial supply

10 %

Fee applied to each transaction

9 %

Of that goes to the liquidity pool

1 %

Of that is redistributed to holders



Of the daily generated liquidity gets donated

Burn & Treasury

The rest of the daily generated liquidity gets burned and a small part allocated to the staking treasury for future developments

To foster a tight-knit community and make our donation flow transparent, we will live stream donations and provide links to the transactions.

Dynamic Charitable Giving

Initially, we are giving to Binance Charity Foundation’s initiatives through their donation platform. We chose to take a dynamic approach to select charities because many social causes need assistance.

Our most ambitious goal is to have our community donate so much and so quickly that the Binance Charity Foundation runs out of social causes to support. At this point, we will then move our focus to external charities outside of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.